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IPAK 1002

Readings in Vaccine Safety Science (Rough Outline)

Students will be sent manuscripts an other materials to read for group exercises.  Each group will present their critical analyses of at least one specific study.

  1. Types of Studies
  2. Healthy User Bias
  3. Thimerosal Studies
  4. Aluminum Studies
  5. Multiple Vaccine Doses Studies
    1. Antigen Exposures
    2. Aluminum doses
  6. Asymptomatic Transmission
  7. Overviews/Discussions of Specific Studies
  8. Verstraeten et al.
  9. Hviid et al.
  10. Destefano et al.
  11. Review of AAP’s Studies
  12. Vaccine Injury Table, Vaccine Information Sheets, Vaccine Inserts
  13. Mechanisms of Autoimmunity
  14. HPV Type Replacement

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